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How to create and use a video as your website header?

In our last piece we talked about getting your Google ranking up to generate more traffic to your website. Hopefully you found it helpful. (Click to view past post)

Once you attract that extra traffic, there are a number of ways to engage and keep your audience longer. One of them is using video as your website header. Today you see many successful websites using videos this way. It adds action as you land on the site. It can more quickly share more information and it really allows you to add that creative touch that pulls people in (Google loves videos on homepages and will help you rank better.)

Here are a few pointers on how to create a video and implement to your website header.

1. You need content! Video footage. This means doing it yourself if you have the skills or hiring a videographer. When filming your shots, a few things to consider are.

  • Shoot in as high a resolution as possible. You can downgrade in post production to fit your website requirements

  • Slow motion or slowed down subjects will look the sharpest when displayed on the web.

  • Wide angle shots can give your audience more context about your business offerings or property.

2. Once you have your video clips shot, you need to slice your edits together using some sort of editing software. Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere works the best but IMovie works pretty well if you’re on a budget.

  • Keep it short. 30 seconds is ideal.

  • Keep the edits clean. Don’t add much text, effects or sound.

  • Simple and short is best.

3. When exporting your video, pixel size is very important.

  • Check with your web developer to see what size will work best for them

  • You will have to keep the file size as low as possible without damaging the video quality to manage the loading time for your audience. Export multiple versions yourself to see what works best.

Some PROS to having a website header are:

  • It looks good.

  • You’ve put in the extra time, work and money to show off your brand, business or property. This will typically gain trust from your visitors.

  • You’re sharing engaging information in 30 seconds. Without your visitors putting in any effort. No scrolling, clicking or reading.

Some CONS can be:

  • Video headers DO NOT auto play on mobile devices. The technology is not quite there yet (Here’s why?). Your visitor will have to click a play button for the video to work.

  • It can slow down your webpage loading time, if not done correctly.

Most website templates and developers offer this feature and it engages well with your audience. If you would like to know more about video website headers please don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our website.

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