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What We Know About the New Instagram Update:

Within this new IG update, there is a lot to unpack!

While some users are making the most out of these new features, others are threatening to delete the app altogether?

Let’s take a look.

From new ad formats to Instagram Shop upgrades, and the emphasis on Reels, Instagram is constantly introducing new features for marketers.

The number one point we would like to make is - if you don’t understand the updated features, you can’t take advantage of them.

First things first - What changed?

Those of you who have recently logged into Instagram (almost everyone reading this blog, we would assume) will have noticed the change made specifically to the bottom navigation bar.

Users will now find the Reels and Shop feature where the 'create' and activity tab once was.

It is important to remember that these features can be extremely useful to app users, once it is understood how to optimize them.


You may not be extremely comfortable getting behind a camera and filming a quirky dance to an overlay of music. (Or, you might be! Which is great too.)

With that being said, you also have the options to create flay-lay and/or panoramic reels that act as ‘how-to’ tutorials for your business or brand.

(You can now find our first ever reel on our home page)


You can now make your feed shoppable!

This new e-commerce destination makes it easier to shop from brands and creators.

This new shop feature is a powerful way for business owners to reach new customers. You can seamlessly link your existing eCommerce platform directly to your own Instagram feed.

Instagram and Facebook state that this is in direct correlation to the COVID-19 pandemic. Where small to medium-sized businesses are having to close their doors and find new, alternative ways to sell their products.

The new shopping destination allows users to “Browse Shops,” “See Editors Picks,” “Explore Guides,” and “Shop Collections,”

Want to optimize these features for yourself? Reach out to our social media experts!

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26 avr. 2021

This really looks like nothing has changed

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